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The Finished project


This is the same house when finished as the previous picture. The guttering used was made of plastic, manufactured as a copy of a period cast iron guttering. It is identical in looks without the weight or corrosion issues and requires no painting. The feather edge is a quality soft wood painted with two coats of micro cellular paint front and back prior to fitting and one after, this allows the wood to move without exposing untreated wood to the elements and leaving an un-slightly line at the bottom of each plank.

Some of the bricks were cracked and different bricks had been used for infill panels of old door and window configurations . We managed to find a colour match and replaced them. A new oak front door and frame was fitted and bricks re-pointed with the conservation blend of our slaked lime mortar.

To complete the look, the property was rendered with slaked lime mortar around the doors and windows and also used to form the window sills.

I hope you agree that the re-modelling has significantly improved the look of this, now beautiful property.

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