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Feather edge brick. Replacement lime mortar


This Tudor property was in fairly good condition, there were some damp issues arising from the use of sand and cement pointing, this was starting to rot the oak frame as moisture was passing through the cracking in the cement and becoming trapped lime mortar.

On this project we refitted some of the brick panels replacing Brocken bricks with quality replacements made in Faversham using similar if not the same clay as the originals . The existing feather edge was of a cheap low grade pine with wood preserver on it. This had badly rotted although it was no more than 20 years old.

We removed all the old feather edge and replaced it with a good quality sawn British oak, there is no reason to treat a quality product with any chemicals or cover it with paint. Oak will in time go a beautiful silver grey complementing the brickwork perfectly. Please bear in mind when comparing the cost of oak to a low grade softwood, that the oak requires no paint or preservative and will last for many years.

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