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Front Elevation Before

The property in this picture had been re-modelled in the past and an attempt had been made to make it look like a Regency mews .Unfortunately this was unsuccessful, the doorway was left in its original form and the end result unsympathetic to the rest of the terrace.

Unbelievably to carry out this work both of the original structural lintels above the windows had been removed. Also the footprint of the living room reduced as the bay window had been replaced with a bow fronted arraignment. This had not been a cheap or easy thing to do and is an interesting lesson in how not to spend your money.

Many period properties have had their facades updated, early Tudor to Regency or Georgian to Victorian etc with varied success . However this is never successful on a terrace house and can have detrimental effects on not only the remodelled house, but also on the surrounding area.

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