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Lime rendered curved retaining wall in Whitstable castle grounds

After consultation with the architect it was agreed that our traditional slaked lime render was the correct material for this project. The determining factors of this being, location, practicality and aesthetics.  The retaining walls were to be built without “weep holes” and as lime breaths this was the best solution, it also has the added advantages of an attractive finish that requires no painting. Their by eliminating issues such as blistering/flaking paint or water saturated render. Method ...The existing wall was in a terrible state, cracking and uneven. On this project we used our stainless steel expanded metal lath (E M L) fixing it with stainless steel screws and washers to stabilize the wall.  We then applied a backing coat of traditional lime render working it through the E M L onto the wall behind.  A backing and top coat of traditional slaked lime render was then applied allowing for drying times. Once dry the walls were capped with York paving to the architects specification and the render finished by rubbing the surface with a sponge float to reveal  the  aggregate creating a very warm natural finish.


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